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On some days our life is hectic and noisy, on other days we live relaxed, balanced, perceive the calming silence of nature and our surroundings. We ourselves and our thoughts are marked by countless contrasts, they run like a red thread through our whole life and our environment. This is exactly why many of our products are so colourfully designed and full of contrasts. Our designs are developed with a vision in mind and with great attention to detail. Each design carries a message that reflects our thoughts and feelings. We love hoodies and hardly a day goes by without us wearing hoodies - that is why the hoodie is the focus of our brand. The oversized cut is the program here - because we like to wear and see things a little more relaxed, a little calmer. That's how we create distinctive fashion that everyone can wear and for several good reasons.


For us an optimistic attitude is the basis of our daily life. We are of the opinion that even setbacks are no reason to lose faith in the good, but on the contrary are even necessary. True to the motto "no rain, no flowers" we could not consciously experience the good times without supposedly bad times. We want to bring a positive basic attitude towards all the small and big things in our daily environment closer to each other, to sharpen our awareness of nature and its beauty, to reflect the diversity of the urban world, never forgetting humanity in the process, and to create a connection to the infinity of the universe.


Sustainability plays a major role for us. Our garments are Made in Europe and already meet the highest quality standards, which we are constantly improving. We maintain a very close relationship with our production team in Istanbul and are always delighted and impressed by the hospitality that awaits us there. We are grateful to be able to work with such warm and competent people. Our products are manufactured under very good working conditions in small, individual productions. We are very proud of this and just as proud we can wear our products.


We develop unique hoodies with which we want to make a difference. We combine fashion and people, online and offline. Our vision is to connect, develop and grow together. We expand our boundaries for a world where the future is now, where you define the future. #livethemoment

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