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What is hoodie collab?

Was ist Hoodie Collab?
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Hoodie Collab is a step towards collective consciousness. We want to give each other a positive attitude towards all the small and big things in our daily environment. Our consciousness is in harmony with nature, the urban, humanity and the universe. We have the vision to grow together, to connect our thinking, feeling and acting. Since the launch of the first collection at the Pop-Up Store Event in September 2019, Hoodie Collab brings people and fashion together. Online as well as offline we are expanding our boundaries for the awareness of being together and in the here and now.

Hoodie Collab is unique fashion. We have a vision in mind with which we develop our designs. Our positive attitude towards life is to be found in many details on our clothes. They carry a message that reflects our thoughts, feelings and actions. The contrasts of our environment and the thoughts we are influenced by every day are our inspiration. The hoodie is the focus of our brand because it is the best way to express ourselves. We like to look at things in a more casual, relaxed way and don't make a big difference between the sexes - so the casual oversized cut is always our choice. Hoodie Collab stands for modern designs that everyone can wear.

Hoodie Collab is in harmony with nature and people. A positive togetherness in the here and now, beyond nations, languages, genders and dogmas, is the cornerstone of our actions. We start here with the first step, the production. We maintain a very close relationship with our production team in Istanbul, which enables us to further optimize the already very high quality standards and at the same time to raise awareness of nature.

Hoodie Collab stands for a message. Our unique Hoodies are all about humanity and self-love. As positive thinkers, we create a feeling that connects nature and mankind. In every detail there is a little piece of this vision.

Our goal is to create something together, to contribute something, for a positive world in which we are aware of the perfect being in every moment. #livethemoment


  • Petra: February 20, 2020

    Hallo Dennis,
    ich folge dir schon seid Jahren und es ist toll , das du uns an deinem Leben teil haben lässt.
    Jetzt muss ich endlich mir mal ein Hoodie bestellen.
    Freue mich schon sehr, auf das ,was alles von euch noch kommt. 🤗

  • Manuel Deprich: February 19, 2020

    Richtig gut geschrieben! Danke:)

  • Leon : February 19, 2020

    Freue mich jetzt noch mehr auf alles was noch kommt 😍

  • Sarah Michelle: February 19, 2020

    Macht bitte genau so weiter! Ich liebe eure Marke!<3

  • Leacloud: February 19, 2020

    Die erste Marke die ich nicht nur trage, weil sie unfassbar stylisch ist, sondern auch weil sie genau diese Message vermittelt 🙏
    Schön zu lesen! Toller erster Blog 💜

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