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Universal Love

Universal Love
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What is love to you?

Maybe a rush of emotions that makes our brain suspend for a short time. Or almost a fairy tale story with a happy ending - A love that overcomes obstacles and overcomes difficulties. We live in a world where dreamlike Hollywood romances model for us societal ideas of relationships. Expectations are created that are perpetuated far from reality.

These over idealized notions influence how we interact and what we expect from love. However, don't let this define you. Dive deeper into your personal feelings and realize how powerful your inner self is. Love comes in different forms, love is diverse - love is universal.

Universal love is a unique feeling and a conscious choice for each individual. Something you feel in the here and now - completely detached from any norms or rules. The affection and warmth you give to others or the joy and humanity you share with others.

Love, as you experience it, is subjective and very personal. You give and experience it in your own unique way. This makes you special and unique. Don't be afraid of not being able to meet others' expectations. Let your own heart guide you and find your own personal path to love.

When we break away from these idealized ideas of a Hollywood romance together, we achieve the liberating feeling of growing together, creating unity and accepting people for who they are. Regardless of background, gender, age or profession. No one stands alone, because universal love is accessible to everyone and excludes no one.

Universal love is powerful, connects and breaks all rules and norms. Have the courage to break free from preconceived notions and find out what love means to you - How it makes you happy - How it fulfills you.

What is love? - You decide.


  • Nadine: February 15, 2021

    Es ist so schön, dass ihr diese Botschaft in die Welt hinaus tragt, danke dafür! ♥️
    PS: LIEBE eure Teile! 😍

  • Lucia Kowol: February 14, 2021

    🙏….. Wow, sehr schön geschrieben und auf den Punkt gebracht…. Danke dafür….!!!!! Lass die Liebe deine Sprache sein und dein Leben besteht aus Wundern und magischen Momenten, die du dir mit dem Verstand niemals hättest vorstellen können…. ❣️🍀☀️❤️

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