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Say No To Fast Fashion

Say No To Fast Fashion
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Low-price records, fast business, short lifespan - our awareness of fashion has changed a lot in recent years. Just under every German buys around 60 items of clothing per year and wears them for only half as long as they did 15 years ago.¹ One look into our full wardrobes and we are still faced with the question every day: "What do I wear today?" Fast fashion corporations produce clothes that are bought en masse and thrown away or left unworn within a very short time. Boosted by bargain promotions, the blind and excessive consumption increases.

At the same time, the fast fashion business has profound problems and risks that extend across borders into various areas: Vast amounts of raw materials and resources are taken from nature for production. The use of toxic substances in further fabric processing has a particularly strong impact on the environment and also on human health. The insatiable urge for novelties and fast-moving trends is fuelled by the fashion companies we are all familiar with: one company brings up to 24 new collections into the shops every year. Clothing is becoming a popular mass product and in order to meet the high demand for new fashion, many fashion brands are resorting to simple, fast and inexpensive productions. The consequences: Massive environmental pollution, inhumane working conditions and a rapid increase in exclusively profit-oriented business models. Yet fashion is much more than the mere scope of fast fashion.

For us, clothing is a powerful means of expression - combined with a very special feeling of wearability. It is sustainable, fair and durable. Clothing that creates awareness and makes statements with a strong message. We have taken up the challenge to counteract the general and socially widespread images and handling of fast fashion. We encourage people to rethink and promote awareness of high quality and durable clothing through our actions. We face this task with the means that are given to us: High quality oversized hoodies with enough space for a very special message.



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