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Black Friday Awareness

Black Friday Awareness
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Yesterday, on Black Friday, whose origin of the term is uncertain, we deliberately decided to close our shop for this day. With this statement, we are sending a signal this year with Hoodie Collab for a conscious attitude towards life, healthy consumer behavior and careful decisions. Basically we see offers as a possibility, because not everyone has the same financial means at all times to consciously buy something that is considered right and important. However, when these offers become the rule, even global discount battles, and are permanently played with the weakness of the human mind, when people are manipulated to a high degree to make unconscious decisions that negatively influence their environment, we should question and address this construct. We are now doing this, like many others, in many ways.

Various articles from all over the world go through the cash registers on Black Friday and online orders are occasionally delivered by many transport service providers. Some companies now make up to ¼ of their annual turnover on this day. Not all items are kept and approx. is returned. A Black Friday, a Black Week or even a Black Month are not in the sense of sustainability due to unbelievably high numbers of buyers and returns of all products and are considerably damaging to the environment. Your actions influence your environment and your environment influences you - we see ourselves as human beings in responsibility, so that our environment can have a positive effect on us and we achieve a higher awareness of life. The positive effect of our environment and nature on us humans is, in contrast to consumption and its apparent advantages or necessities, not much discussed. #living consciously

Even in the 21st century, we humans are still driven by the idea that "having more" is synonymous with "more happiness". However, most people now realize that being happy is an inner attitude and does not depend on material things or the next best offer. Newly purchased items become commonplace relatively quickly and only contribute to a short-term feeling of happiness. Despite the widespread knowledge about this, the actions of many people often say the opposite. #buy consciously

If you want to train your mindfulness and become more conscious as a human being, start, for example, with a few questions to yourself: "Do I need this object? - and if so, "what do I want to do with it?" "What value will it give me in two weeks, three months, a year from now?" "Have I helped others before giving it to myself repeatedly?" "Why do I give myself material gifts when happiness comes from within?" "What do I do for my happiness?" "What effect does my purchase have on the environment, my fellow man and my inner self?" As soon as you ask yourself the right questions sincerely and from the heart, the answers will emerge, to your best and your desire to be the best version for yourself, your fellow men and our environment. #handle consciously


  • Ines: November 30, 2020

    Mega! Ihr bringt es genau auf den Punkt.
    Weiter so!
    Als ich gestern euren Beitrag bei Instagram gesehen habe, dass euer Shop geschlossen ist, war ich sehr begeistert. Endlich auch mal ein Unternehmen, das diesen Black Friday Quatsch nicht mitmacht. Unsere Umwelt wird schon genug von diesem ganzen Konsum kontrolliert, wo soll das noch hinführen?! Die Leute machen ihr Glück zu sehr von materiellen Dingen abhängig und das sollte nicht sein.


  • Vassiliki: November 30, 2020

    Wow… super… Ich mag die Philosophie von hoodiecollab… nachamentswert

  • Chris: November 30, 2020

    Tolle Einstellung!! Brauchen wir mehr den je in diesen Zeiten. Lasst uns ins nächste Jahrzehnt mit mehr Bewusstsein, weniger und dafür besseren Produkten starten und Handlungen reflektieren.

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